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Masonry Repairs

  • Foundation Leaks
  • Brick & Mortar Issues
  • Exterior Freeze, Thaw Deterioration
  • Interior Wall Leaks Associated With Masonry Walls.

Custom Installations

At Lincoln Custom Masonry, we specialize in custom builds so our customers can participate in the design and color process of fire pits, outdoor & indoor fireplaces, patios, brick & stone mailboxes and more.

Building Restorations

At Lincoln Custom Masonry, we don’t believe in tearing down the old to replace with the new. There are beautiful historical buildings that we use our skilled workmanship to rebuild and restore to new again.

New Constructions

There’s always more room for new constructions and at Lincoln Custom Masonry, we know how to build beautiful and durable residential and commercial buildings to fill the need.

Home REnovations

Looking to replace outdated surfaces or products to updated standards and looks? We do backsplashes, entryways, patios, indoor fireplaces, outdoor fireplaces & fire pits and more.

Egress Windows

Turn those dark areas in your home into well lit recreation spots with new Egress windows that not only give you more light, but are safer and meet housing standards for your home foundation.

Customized Builds by Lincoln Custom Masonry

Customized Masonry Builds

Since Lincoln Custom Masonry specializes in custom builds and installations so our customers can get involved in the design and color schemes of our masonry projects, we have put together an on-going list of all of our customized projects. An ordinary pool...

Retaining Walls

A well built retaining wall will last a long time, 50 to 100 years, depending on the soil condition and the amount of groundwater at your location.


Glow Patio Tiles

These true “green” tiles can be used on countertops, wall, floors backsplashes, patios and pools. Since they are a fire glass, the glass glows in the dark. A tad like solar lights.

stacked chimney electric fireplace

Stacked Chimney Fireplace

Make your home or business look elegant with the Stacked Chimney Electric Fireplace! With a versatile design and ventless efficiency, your fireplace can be installed anywhere in your home or business.


Basement Redo

Contact Lincoln Custom Masonry to get a free basement analysis and a quote.


Kitchen Tile Backsplash

Kitchen tile backsplash is one of the most important upgrades to your kitchen as the design counts on the backsplash to add the needed touch.


Ultra Patios

At Lincoln Custom Masonry, we don’t believe in wasting any outdoor space that is usable, and we don’t think you would either.


Fireplaces & Fire Pits

You can use a design of your choice, or Lincoln Custom Masonry will custom build a fireplace for you.

Indoor Fireplaces

Is it time for an updated fireplace? Take a look at our resurfaced, rebuilt and newly designed indoor fireplaces.



Nothing speaks more volume than an entryway with appeal.



House pillars are not only for looks, but necessary for the overall structure of your home. They come in many designs and styles.



Facades are mainly decorative, but also add great front appeal to your home or business. Facades come in many styles and colors of stone or brick.


Custom Built Mailboxes

Ask us about our quality custom built mailboxes that will personalize your home.


Chimney Restorations

Chimney inspections and restorations are necessary due to the age of your home and extreme weather conditions.


Caulking & Sealing

Lincoln Custom Masonry caulks and seals your home or business with high-quality waterproof caulking and sealing materials.


Leaky Basements Foundation Damage

There are two important areas to check in your basement when trying to analyze why it is leaking.

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